Marketing Trends That We’ll See On 2021

2020 has been a year that we have spent mostly online. Due to the pandemic and other circumstances, it seems like in the last few months, more and more business transactions were done online. As a result, digital marketing is more relevant than ever before. 

If you’re a business owner, whether it’s B2B or B2C, now is the time to work hard to stay relevant. Most sales have moved online and if you want a piece of the pie you have to pay attention to trends and adapt. 

What can we expect of next year? 

Here are 4 trends that will be very meaningful in the marketing world in 2021

Social media engagement

Consumers are now expecting much more from brands. It’s not enough having a social media presence, you need to bring value and give people what they want from you. This means having a content plan, making regular posts, and monitoring customer comments.

Focus on your customers’ habits and needs and let them know you’re here for them. 

Another thing that’s becoming more popular is interactive marketing, such as contests, assessments, polls, quizzes, games, interactive videos, surveys, and calculators.

Content is always a good idea

Generating sales from your content is not easy, but it’s something to take into account, and you’ll ensure retaining your current customers by creating a bond. People want to be in contact with companies that know very clearly why they exist, what are their values, and who they serve. 

Even if you work in a very general area, find what’s special about your business, what you do better than others, and share it with the world.  

More collaborations

Many organizations have realized that if they make good partnerships they’ll get better results. Especially, unexpected collaborations are a great way to capture attention and bring something different to the consumer -that at this point might feel like has seen everything. 

Also, we’ll see more brands focusing on influencer marketing to get sales. 

Being a local authority

Small businesses are focusing on being on top of the search platforms and getting noticed by their ideal customers. Buying local has become more convenient, and therefore more needed, that’s why if you own a small/medium business you must be on Google My Business and make sure you’re well-positioned on search engines

As we look into 2021 we see the importance of engaging and retaining current customers to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

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